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The InfiStats Usage Statistics Portal is developed by INFLIBNET Centre for monitoring the usage statistics of various e-resources made accessible to the member institutes under e-Shodh Sindhu Consortium. The InfiStats harvests the COUNTER Usage for members through SUSHI Protocol. The InfiStats portal imports the usage data from the publisher's website. The InfiStats interface provides journal title level usage to member institutes. The member institutions can also login to this portal for monitoring the usage of their respective e-resources that are available to them through central funding. The portal also provides an option to include the usage for self-subscribed resources by the member institutions and monitor from the InfiStats portal.

To set up Infistats for monitoring usage statistics of e-resources subscribed by your institute, please register on eSS Online e-Requisition System. Registered members of e-Shodh Sindhu can directly Login to InfiStats from eSS Online e-Resource Requisition System portal by visiting the "Subscribed Resources" Tab.

Monthly Usage Update Status

COUNTER5 for the year 2024

  • Jan
ACM Digital Library
  • Jan
American Chemical Society
  • Jan
American Institute of Physics
  • Jan
Annual Reviews
  • Jan
  • Jan
  • Jan


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The InfiStats usage portal mostly covers usage for COUNTER Compliant publishers. The current list of publishers and update status is available in "Monthly Usage Update Status" Section of homepage.

  • Presently the usage report for journals (tr_j1 and pr_p1) and databases (dr_d1, pr_p1) are updated on InfiStats portal wherever available from the publishers.

  • The COUNTER Complaint usage statistics is updated using the SUSHI protocol directly from the publisher’s website.

  • The usage statistics for SUSHI complaint publishers are updated every month from 5th of the month and updated as and when available from the publishers which sometimes extends till end of the next month.

  • Please check if the SUSHI details for the publisher is updated on the InfiStats portal after login. You can view the list of publishers configured for your institute under “SUSHI Details => View SUSHI”. If the details of the resource are not available, use the “Add New SUSHI Details” link to add the details for the e-resource. More instructions for adding e-resource is available on the “Add New SUSHI Details” page.

  • If you subscribe to any e-resource, please visit the usage statistics page for the publisher and check if it is COUNTER Compliant or not. If its COUNTER Compliant, you can ask for the login details for the publisher for accessing the usage statistics page of the publisher. The usage statistics page also provides information required for fetching usage statistics using SUSHI protocol. The details required include a Requester ID, Customer ID and an API key in case of some publishers. You can find more details about same from the Project COUNTER website at

  • You can check the status of usage update in InfiStats after login under the option “SUSHI Details => SUSHI Status”. If you have recently added the SUSHI details for a e-resource, it will be updated within 1-2 weeks and you will be intimated once the details is validated. If it shows as updated, then the usage for the resource may be zero for the months where it is updated. If there is an error reported, please contact us for more details about the error.

  • You can contact the publisher for making their usage data COUNTER Complaint with SUSHI protocol. The InfiStats portal has option to include non-COUNTER reports through the portal. However, it can be updated if the publisher provided the same directly to INFLIBNET in tabular format (excel/csv). You can ask your subscribed publisher for the same.